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Advice and Praise by Tony Enrico

Love vs. Fear

“Always work to make the complex as simple as possible.”

Many years ago, a mentor of mine taught me an important lesson; always work to make the complex as simple as possible.  I’ll spare you painful story leading to the lesson.  Regardless, I never forgot the sage advice gifted to me so long ago.

Life in our complex world can be anything but simple.  Running a business is consistently fraught with balancing seemingly incompatible choices.  Yet, as executives, we are continually called to make difficult decisions.

How then can life’s grand complexities be reduced to its lowest common denominator?  Answer:  Know all decisions are grounded in either love or fear.

The more one operates from love, success will eventually flow.

Fear is paralyzing.  I’ve felt it.  I’m sure you have too.  Fear of failing.  Fear of being ridiculed or rejected.  Fear of not measuring up to the standards of society.  Fear, that even through hard work and dedication, one’s passion may become a financial disaster.

This is why entrepreneurs are to be exalted.  In the face of substantial fear, they pursue their freedom by becoming their own “boss” and designing their own destiny.

A personal friend of mine is such an entrepreneur.  A self-made success on so many levels. Kathy Gardarian, founder and CEO of Qualis International, “has it all.”

In her amazing, recently released book, The Wisdom of Love in Business (Formerly Known as Feet to the Fire), Kathy shares her incredible personal journey with heart-felt transparency and authenticity.  Her quest to create success not only in business but in the core of her being exemplified the challenge and triumph when one fully commits to stretching personally, professionally, and spiritually.  It takes great courage to bare one’s soul for the benefit of others.  Then again, leaders go first.

There are numerous gems offered in this short but compelling read.

Here are a few you can put to work the right way.

Be Truthful.  Be Gentle.  Be Fearless – Yes, Gandhi’s words, yet powerful

Be Androgynous – Balance the masculine and feminine energies that lie within you

Be Committed to Your Inner Work – Self-confidence is not an attitude, it’s an inside job.  Be willing to work on yourself first.  That which you do not like in others is often a direct reflection of something you don’t like about yourself

Be Teachable – A willingness to learn is a prerequisite to personal transformation

Be Love – Lead with love.  Business is fundamentally about relationships.  For relationships to work, love is always needed

The lowest common denominator in business and in life is a personal choice to come from love or fear.  Look around your world.  With rare exception, all the negativity, hate, frustration, pain and suffering are rooted in fear.

Be Truthful.  Be Gentle.  Be Fearless…and be accountable.

Know that Love ultimately conquers all.

– Tony Enrico

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“The Wisdom of Love in Business is for anyone interested in true success. Using her own story as an example, Kathy Gardarian offers useful, accessible tools for transformation combining business with self-awareness.”

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