Go Where The Love Is – Tools for Transformation Part 3

by Kathy Gardarian

The road to wisdom is personal, but collective support can smooth the way.

“Go where the love is. Everyone deserves accolades and acceptance. We are all born in light, and worthy of love. Seek loving mentors—they are waiting to be found.”

My childhood was a roller-coaster ride of movement and change. My mother left my father and took my brother and I across the country from upstate New York to California. Her quest for freedom from a miserable marriage enabled my growth in a new land next to the open sea.

My first step toward spiritual independence was at age 12 when I walked into my mother’s bedroom and declared that I was no longer Catholic. To her credit, she didn’t object and I was free to search for a new spiritual home. I became a serial church-hopper and tagged along with friends, taste-testing their different religious communities to see if my soul fit in.

Over the years, I blossomed into a popular and flourishing teenager with straight A’s, lots of friends and a vibrant social-life. At home, however, my mother couldn’t always be there for me emotionally. This was not surprising considering her challenging upbringing. As a little girl she was placed in an orphanage for a year, along with her four siblings. It was 1929, and her parents could not afford to keep them at home. These early experiences had a major impact on my mom’s emotional life and stunted her ability to express her feelings. She simply couldn’t give what she didn’t have.

But by the time I was in High School, I had learned a few things about taking care of myself. I found much of my appreciation and encouragement outside my home – from friends, their mothers and the community.

That is why I wholeheartedly urge you – go where the love is.

Seek out and embrace people that believe in you and support you.

Who have been your advocates, advisors, and pillars of strength? Who was always there for you when you needed them?

The road to wisdom is personal, but collective support can smooth the way. We are all born in light and worthy of love. Seek loving mentors – they are waiting to be found.

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“The Wisdom of Love in Business is for anyone interested in true success. Using her own story as an example, Kathy Gardarian offers useful, accessible tools for transformation combining business with self-awareness.”

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