Original Press Release of “Feet to the Fire” Launched 2018

by Kathy Gardarian

Authors Kathy Gardarian with Tinker Lindsay share a transformational tale of personal and spiritual success.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — For some women, passion, commitment and determination are powerful tools to achieving success. For Kathy Gardarian, these three describe a way of life. With the desire to share her journey of the challenges and the ultimate feat of creating a successful company, she releases “The Wisdom of Love in Business: Finding My Soul in Success” (published by Balboa Press). This memoir, co-authored by Tinker Lindsay, tells a transformational tale about a woman who learned to find her soul while climbing the ladder of success.

In this new book, Gardarian recounts how she learned to be brave, to hold her “The Wisdom of Love in Business,” and to invite deep change while tolerating acute discomfort. She shares her lifelong business challenge: to be a capable woman who proved her personal drive could create a highly successful company using love as motivational tool. She also sought to defy the traditional male business influences who asserted her that she could not succeed without a man.

“I am sharing stories of how bringing spirit, ethics, love and conscious capitalism is a recipe for success,” Gardarian says. “The balanced feminine energy is so needed right now, and I talk about how courageous woman can use their genius and passion to transform business into powerful centers of value for the greater good.”

Although business has been the furnace that forged her life, Gardarian chooses spiritual transformation as her passion and vocation. Over time, she has come to understand that the two can go hand in hand – “not just can, but should.” Using the tools of humility, humor and wisdom, she offers an alternate path to prosperity to the readers.

Through “The Wisdom of Love in Business,” the authors extend their encouragement to those who are struggling to find balance between financial and spiritual success. They hope one woman’s life story will serve as a catalyst for insight, growth and self-realization.

About the Authors

Kathy Gardarian has nurtured a lifelong passion for spirituality even as she climbed the corporate ladder of achievement. She is the founder and CEO of Qualis International Inc., a multimillion-dollar sales and distribution company. She has served as director on corporate and university boards, and has been a founding trustee of the World Business Academy.

Tinker Lindsay is a published author and produced screenwriter who loves to tell transformational stories. She can usually be found writing in her office under the Hollywood sign.

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About the Author

“The Wisdom of Love in Business is for anyone interested in true success. Using her own story as an example, Kathy Gardarian offers useful, accessible tools for transformation combining business with self-awareness.”

Deepak Chopra, MD, Best-Selling Author, Best-Selling Author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

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